Back :)

Hey :)

I'm fully back to blogging, and this blog will be only in English since I am studying English, it will be a great practice :)
Recently I started extramural studies. My major the study of English philology. I live in Płock, but my School is in Warsaw, so I'm going back and forth but only on weekends :)
I had my second meet this weekend, and it made me decide that I want to start blogging again. While at Warsaw I'm staying at my aunt place, so I'm totally disconnected from the world, only through my smarthphone.

Couple of things you might wonder about : 
1. This blog is going to be about my life, make up, outfits, some reviews, beauty tips etc. Everything that I'm into to.
2. I'm not going to update everyday, just when I have time, so it might take days. Not only I do study on weekends but I work through the week so not much time :<
3. Photos on the blog include some copyrights. If they are not mine, I will always credit the person/ blog/ site from where I took them.
4. If any company (in the future) would like to cooperate with me, my e- mail address is on the right in the 'About me' box.

Ok, so those are some useful information, let's get straight to work :) As I mentioned earlier I was at Warsaw last weekend . I had classes I had to go to on Saturday, and not so important ones on Sunday, so I just skipped them and went shopping at Złote Tarasy .

I didn't bought much, I don't know if there is something wrong with me, or with collections I encountered at shops. I was 'shopping' for 2 hours or so, and I just found 2 nice t-shirts, one pair of jeans and one openwork hat. I visited The Body shop and bought some facial gel, and facial mask from their tea tree series, I will do a review on that later.

Reserved - Black Top with jetted heart
Pull& Bear- Jeans, and navy blue Top
Stradivarius- the hat
The Bodyshop - tea tree facial gel and mask
Tally Weijl - earrings
After this so called shopping I went for a coffe to coffeheven. I took White Chocolate Mocca, and the barista asked me if I don't mind a cup with a drawn flower. I said it's ok, and I was quite surprised to find out that it was no their new design but a new girl , sill in training was drawing some cute things on some cups 

It made my day :) 

After the shopping I went to my aunt to pack my bag and went back to Płock, as I had work on Monday . 
I really do hope you guys will like my new idea of MY blog and will read and comment and share love :) 


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Dorota pisze...

Coffeeheaven ! <3
Hej to ty w tygodniu jesteś w Wawie ? super może da radę się spotkać kiedyś jak będę u mojego Miśka. XD

Anonimowy pisze...

tiszirt <3