Tea Tree facial producs review.

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As I said earlier I did a small face producs review, hope you will like it.

The Body Shop Tea Tree products review


一)           Tea Tree oil foaming face wash.

1  Ingredients: more or less

Aqua, Glycerin, Panthenol, Tee tree leaf oil, Seed oil, Lemon tee tree oil, Caramel etc.

a)     Reduces excess oil without over-drying skin. Breakouts are minimized with regular use. If products gets in eyes rinse with clean water.

二)           Tea Tree oil face mask.

1   Ingredients : more or less

Aqua, Kaolin, Glycerin, Tee tree leaf oil, Seed oil, Lemon tee tree oil, Gum etc.

a)     Apply generously to face and neck with fingertips. Leave for 10-15 minutes, then rinse off with clean water. Mask doesn’t dry. Use weekly.  Breakouts are minimized with regular use. With menthol, tamanu oil, lemon tee tree oil and Community Fair Trade organic tea tree oil.

That would be all for a word of introduction of those two. I’ve been using the face wash for 2 weeks now, and mask about 2-3 times a week, and I must say that I noticed a big change in my skin.

 I have an oily type of skin, so it’s hard to keep my make up all day . After 4 hours I start to shine like a sun.

I wasn’t sure if those two would help, but they did. My face is fresh for 5-6 hours, it’s normal that after some time make up is fading but with perfect skin care it can stay on longer, like in my case.

About the Tea Tree Oil face wash, I found that it helped to reduce any kind of break out in my skin, the pores are not that much visible, and the skin is really fresh .

About the Tea Tree Oil Face mask, it is containing menthol tamanu oil – so it gives your skin a really fresh feeling, it’s a cooling effect, I guess it helps to minimize the visibility of the pores.

Together with those two face care products I am using Cucumber Cleanser and Cucumber Tonic.
Both are made for oily/ mixed skin

 The cleanser is perfect as a make up remover. It contains cucumber flesh, provitamine B5, and A,E vitamine.
·        Gently cleans the skin, effectively removes the make up.
·        Moisturize and soften the skin
·        Prevent from skin irritation.
·        Prepares the skin for further skin care routine.
The tonic moisturize the skin. It contains cucumber flesh and provitamine B5.
·        Gently cleans the skin.
·        Moisturize and tones the skin.
·        Prepares the skin for further skin care routine.

That’s all that I use daily, thanks to those products my skin is really smooth and clean, make up stays on for longer and my skin is able to breath .
I noticed that the amount of sebum got reduces. I’m happy that got to buy The Body Shop face products, and I’m sure to buy more .

Just a sneak peak of what my skin looks like after 5 hours of putting on my make up, after using Tea Tree & Cucumber products.

I hope that you like my review . I will be doing more in the future, I still need to figure out what to post on this blog. 

Either way, for now that's all :) 

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